Private/Closed Training Courses

We have been delivering our portfolio of classes to a global client base since 2003; one of our popular delivery methods is private training, both on-site and online.
Any of our courses can be delivered as private events and we can assist you with selecting content and finding delivery methods that work for you to help achieve the maximum return on your training investment.

Our private classes are ideal if you have several attendees requiring training and can provide you with a cost effective method of delivering quality training as a private event.
Our on-site events are available for up to 16 attendees and can be delivered at your offices or at one of our UK training locations.

We are also able to provide private interactive online training for up to 20 attendees wherever they are based. The online private courses enable attendees from different locations to join the same private company course without the need for travel and expense costs. Classes can also be scheduled to suit different time zones ensuring attendees can join training during their office hours.

Our private on-site/online events can provide your organisation with the following benefits.

  • Substantial savings on travel and expense costs
  • Group learning – ensuring a consistent transfer of knowledge
  • Open discussions focused on specific business requirements
  • Ability to ‘cherry pick’ modules and tailor course content to your specific needs.
  • Multiple delivery and set-up methods

If you feel you may have a training requirement which could be run onsite then please contact our sales team outlining your requirements and they will be able to assist you.

Delivery Format

The on-site training is delivered at your offices or a suitable local venue. Alternatively our online private classes can be attended from home or the office whichever you prefer.

Course Manual

Set-up Options

To assist with on-site delivery and to ensure a full hands on training environment is available, we are able to provide the following course set-up options.

What does the training include

  1. Connection to Combined Knowledge Hosted Training Environment

Using a simple RDP connection, this method allows users to simply connect to our environment to perform hands on exercises and gain practical experience to aid knowledge retention.

  1. We provide you with our course image

Each PC would need to meet a minimum spec, we would then arrange for our course image to be copied to each PC for attendees to use during training.

  1. PC Hire

We can arrange for cost effective hire of PC’s/Laptops with pre-installed images enabling you to simply unpack and plug in.

Full course set-up guide options are available on request and we can work with you to select the set-up method based on your scenario.

Delegates are given comprehensive Combined Knowledge full colour course materials inclusive of hands on lab exercises and a certificate of course completion. Trainer Travel and expenses are also included providing you with a simple quotation process with no hidden costs.


For more information on our private training events please contact the Sales Team On:

+44 (0) 1455 200520 or