SharePoint Training Passport


Classroom Training Passport.


Training Passports are a cost-effective and flexible solution for organisations whose training requirements vary from a single course to an entire series of courses. Valid for 12 months from the date of the first course, each passport can be used by anyone in your organisation to attend any Combined Knowledge public scheduled course.

By purchasing the Combined Knowledge Training Passport your organisation will realise substantial savings — the more Vouchers you purchase, the more money you save.

With the flexibility of Training Passports, you can satisfy your training requirements as they evolve throughout the year. Reduce the paperwork and approvals associated with multiple enrolments and take care of all your training needs with a single purchase order.

  • 10 day passport £275 per day
  • 20 day passport £260 per day
  • 30 day passport £245 per day
  • 40 day passport £230 per day
  • 75 day passport £215 per day
  • 100 day passport £200 per day

For example the total cost for a 20 day passport would be £5200, which would enable you to have 20 days to schedule as and when you require.
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