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This class provides an introduction to SharePoint, teaching you how to create and edit business documents and collaborate using SharePoint. If you have been asked to contribute information to an existing SharePoint site using the Microsoft Office suite such as Word and Excel this is the course for you. The class will also benefit anyone wanting to create and update pages.

During the class you will learn best practices as you watch live, interactive demonstrations and put theory into practise with hands on exercises.


This course is designed for people who are new to SharePoint and need to know how to use SharePoint to create, update and share business documents.
If you need to know more than the basics including how to create, secure and manage SharePoint sites you will benefit from our 4 day SharePoint 2016 Power User class.


Module List

Module 1

An Introduction to SharePoint 2016

Module 2

Navigation and Search

Module 3

Working with Apps

Module 4

Creating and Editing Pages

Module 5

Communicating with Social Tools

Module 1: An Introduction to SharePoint 2016

Let’s get started with SharePoint 2016 by letting you know about its fantastic selection of features. We will demonstrate popular uses of SharePoint 2016 to manage and share content, create engaging web page, automate business processes and make good business decisions.

Topics Covered

An Overview of SharePoint 2016

SharePoint Versions

Central Repository for Information

Roles in SharePoint

Web Content Management

Site Visitors

Team Collaboration

Site Members


Site Owners


Security Trimming



Module 2: Navigation and Search

SharePoint provides the ability to store vast amounts of content in a variety of locations. This module covers a set of tools which help you to efficiently locate the information you need using a combination of navigation and search.

Topics Covered

Navigation Components

Searching in SharePoint 2016

Top Link Menu


Quick Launch Menu

Search Criteria

Site Contents

People Search

Module 3: Working with Apps

Apps are required to store information such as events, contacts and files in a site. SharePoint provides a selection of apps for different scenarios, all with the option to be customised for a specific business requirement.
You will learn how to work with apps to create, edit, delete and share business information.
This module also provides an essential overview of the Microsoft products which are most commonly used in conjunction with SharePoint 2016 and discusses the advantages of each program when combined with SharePoint.

Topics Covered

Popular List & Library Templates

Check Out and Check In

Add, Modify, Upload, and Delete Content


Folders and Columns


Sort and Filter Content

Office 2016 Integration

Create and Manage Views


Working with Document Sets


Using Alerts in Apps




Office Integration

Integration with Microsoft Office




Outlook 2016


OneDrive for Business



Module 4: Creating and Editing Pages

SharePoint boasts a rich selection of ways to build web pages. You will learn how to update the home page of your SharePoint site with text, links, images, videos and web parts. We will also show you best practices when creating multiple pages and linking them together. Creating and managing web pages is a simple, fast and rewarding way to present essential information and apps.
SharePoint can also be used as an Intranet for internal news and information as well as a public facing website. Due to the high visibility of these web sites, it is common to place more control over the release of new web pages or updates to existing pages. For this reason, SharePoint has Publishing Sites.

Topics Covered

Introducing Wiki Pages

Introducing the Publishing Site

Adding Wiki Pages

Create and Edit Publishing Pages

Adding Rich Content to Wiki Pages

Using Page Layouts

Promoted Links

Web Page Metadata

Adding and Modifying Web Parts

Site Collection Images

Deleting Wiki Pages




Module 5: Communicating with Social Tools

This module covers a new and evolving culture change in the way that we work with business information. Social features are an engaging way for users to collaborate. The variety of social tools available to you is overwhelming. You will learn the differences between each of these tools and when to use them.

Topics Covered

An Introduction to Social Tools

Community Sites

Updating your Profile

Community Portal

Blog Sites




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